Pastor Gervais Cangy
Gervais has only just taken over as pastor at the start of this year from retiring pastor, Lynn Burton. We wish Lynn and his family all the best and we thank them for the years of dedicated work they gave.

We will be adding more info here soon about Gervais.

Apart from the Pastor and Accociate Pastor who are appointed by the WA SDA Conference the following local church leaders are ALL volunteers.


- Bro Phillip Jarre (B)
- Sis Gloria Nyamhunga (B)
- Bro Liberty Bashoma (B)
- Dr Nzimanyana Mpofu (B)
- Adrain Musiyiwa (B)

- Bro John Arambasic (Co-Head Deacon) (B)
- Bro Joel Plane (Co-Head Deacon) (B)
- Bro Les Keegan
- Bro Lycious Mururi
- Bro Langton Mbakada
- Bro Makhozi Sibanda
- Bro Panashe Mhende

- Sis Daniela Neamtu (Head Deaconess) (B)
- Sis Naomi Plane
- Sis Josephine Mhende
- Sis Sandra Kirkwood
- Sis Khonzile Dube
- Sis Doreen Musiyiwa
- Sis Linda Vaughey
- Sis Beatrice Mpofu

Heads of Departments
Church Clerk
- Sis Rosalie R (B)
Treasurer - Sis Jenni P (B)
Sabbath School Superintendant - (Position Currently Vacant) (B)
Communications Secretary - Bro James Reid (B)
ABC Secretary - Sis Jenna Keegan
ADRA Co-Ordinator - Sis Jean Wilson (B)
Personal MinistriesChurch Board (B)
Men's Ministry - (Position Currently Vacant) (B)
Women's Ministry - Sis Gloria Nyamhunga (B)
Health Secretary - Dr Nzimanyana Mpofu
Library Co-Ordinator - Sis Simbie Singauke
Music Coordinator - Sis Kumbi Sibanda
Webmaster - Bro James Reid (B)
PA & Technology Director - Bro James Reid (B)
OH&S Officer - Bro Joel Plane (B)
Social Committee Co-Ordinator - (Position Currently Vacant) (B)
Youth Committee Co-Ordinator - Bro Phillip Jarre (B)
Bulletin Editor
- Sis Beverley & Bro Jeffery Foote
Church Carer - Sis Josephine Mhende
Adventurers Leader - Sis Tino & Bro Dean Cheneka (B)
Pathfinders Leader - Bro Liberty Bashoma (B)
Garden Co-Ordinator's
- (Position Currently Vacant)
Safe Place Policy Representative
- Bro John Arambasic (B)

*(B) = Local Church Board Position

Current Church Members of the Board

Pr Gervais Cangy Phillip Jarre Liberty Bashoma Dr Nzimanya Mpofu
Gloria Nyamhunga John Arambasic Joel Plane Daniela Neamtu
Rosalie R Khonzile Dube Jenni P Abiathur Mbono
Adrain Musiyiwa James Reid Jean Wilson

Function Of The Local Church Board

The responsibility of our local church board is the concern in the spiritual nurture of the local church and the work of planning and fostering evangelism in all of its phases.


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